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Leveridge Systems INC.

International Careers: Information Technology

Information Cloud, principally AWS Services and developments, Lambda wrappers and the SAM model for ease of the DevOps role.

We welcome inquiries from prospective candidates amongst the following senior Cloud//AWS specific disciplines within THESE key Technology areas.

- Architecture; Venture or Legacy migration experienced via 'strangle hold' Fowler based ACLs/ security.

- Security - Shield, SHIELD ADVANCED, API Gateway via subnet AZs, VPC to Public Cloud Gateway tunnels

- Base function coding FUNCTIONS, regardless of library needs ie Lambda.

- Applications Xray, Cloudwatch and Lambda generate drill down logs.

- Business Systems Analysts

- Enterprise Architects

- Network Security, HSMs, Greengrass w Lambda, triggers, push and pull.

- Legacy pricey licensed Database Vendor.. VENDOR GO AWAY AND THINK ABOUT IT strategy.

Please inquire via email to info@leveridgesystems.com on how we can assist with your career in these senior disciplines.