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Consulting Services

Public/Private Single and Multi Cloud to current global Decentralized SCs Compute/Store.

Technical depth comprehension for Architectural impacts across the new SDLC.

* Public Single-C pure serverless AWS SAM driven Lambda and Multi-C.

* Ethereum dominance as Public and Consortium ledgers.
* Principals of the global singleton of encapsulated compute/data,
* Synchronicity, Atomicity, data permanence, Immortality, Immutability,
* Provenance (method call sender address id), Privacy, Security,
* Authenticity and Governance
* EVM, Solidity w/Truffle framed SCs-Smart Contract DApps, Mist.
* IPFS, BigchainDB, IPDB - Merkledag based global store.

Offering skilled knowledgebase solutions as a reflection for our Clients understanding; From ROI on CapEx -time to market, OpEx, from the higher abstract semantics to the code level, drawing on the technical impacts on Project Architecture, Design & Deliverables - we work to suit a Client's course of business terms.